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Join our work in Nepal and be a part of our team and have a life-changing experience. 

The projects and programs offered on this page are ones that we are deeply committed to. Some are programs we've started ourselves, such as Her Farm that is the dream of co-founder Sunita Subedi Sharma (see the about page) and is a direct response to her own life challenges of living with domestic abuse in Nepal. Learn more about Her Farm at

The Kathmandu Hospital, where our pre-med program takes place has been a partner of ours for years and years and provides an unparaleled opportunity to learn about health care in a developing country. Our Global Health Internship takes place at both the Kathmandu hospital and a rural health post near Her Farm.   

We've selected these programs for the superior experiences they offer you and because we personally believe in them and are deeply committed to them. 

You can change programs and dates later if you want. You can even change programs once you arrive in Nepal. Look, we want this to be a great experience for you and our NGO partners in Nepal so we don't have fixed ways of operating that tie you down to one choice. 

We aren't a "placement company" that merely sends people to Nepal. You will live in our home, work alongside us on our projects and have a life-changing experience while doing so, we guarantee that.   




*NEW* 3 day 2 night Her Farm visit

Support the Women and Children of Her Farm with a short visit

Don't have time to volunteer at Her Farm?  We have the perfect short-visit package for you. Spend 3 days and two nights as a guest at Her Farm. 

Help the women of Her Farm

Her Farm, growing hope in the Himalayas

Her Farm was built to provide poor, landless and homeless women and their children a sustainable home and livelihood. Her Farm is grass-roots community development that impacts the entire rural village where the farm is located.  

Nepal is a primarily agrarian society with more than 80% of the population engaged in farming. Over the course of many years the traditional organic farming methods have been replaced with the use of chemicals to increase farm outputs. The chemicals have placed a heavy burden on farming both in terms of their financial cost and environmental damage. At Her Farm we are bringing traditional organic farming back to the village. Her Farm is a demonstration farm where experimental agriculture takes place to show villagers techniques that may increase production without the use of toxic chemicals. 

At Her Farm you will work alongside the women who live at the farm as they grow vegetables, rice, millet and other crops with organic methods. Her Farm also has livestock such as cows, goats and chickens. You will help in the daily care of livestock. It's not easy work, but the women of Her Farm make it fun. You'll learn a lot about farming and about life in Nepal. 


Learn all about the project you will be volunteering at right HERE 


Her Farm FIlms

Teach women photography and videography at beautiful Her Farm Nepal

The mission of Her Farm Films is to provide the training and equipment needed for Nepali women to produce short films about life in Nepal for women. Photography and videography is a proven method for dealing with the trauma of domestic abuse and neglect. Volunteers in this program in Nepal will help women improve their skills and at the same time heal the wounds left by their past lives. 

Educational Program: Global Health Internship

Medical school students, nursing students, come see how medicine is practiced in rural communities.

Our medical education programs build on a decade of experience providiing healthcare in Nepal. If you really want to understand and learn about the challenges of healthcare systems in developing countries, this is the very best place to do that. 

This program takes place in both our Kathmandu city hospital and a rural clinic about two hours outside of Kathmandu. In Kathmandu you will have the opportunity to spend time at a very busy hospital and observe surgeries. 

The rural clinic is located in Goganpani in the Dhading District near Her Farm where you'll live.   There are no surgeries taking place here. You will learn from the clinic staff and are under their supervision at all times. You will have the opportunity to be involved in treatments as supervised and allowed by the person in charge.  

PRE MED Program in Nepal - Learn about healthcare in a developing country

Learn about medicine in a developing country.

An incredible opportunity to observe all facets of medicine in a Kathmandu Hospital with English-speaking doctors. You will get experience in x-ray, laboratory, dental, eye-care, emergency, pre and post-operative, OB/GYN and the surgical theatre. Make daily rounds with doctors who will engage you in the diagnostic process and treatments. This will look great on your medical school application.

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