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Community Development at Her Farm


Her Farm iwas built to provide poor, landless and homeless women and their children a sustainable home and livelihood. It's much more than that however. Her Farm is grass-roots community development that impacts the entire rural village where the farm is located. Here's a partial list of what goes on daily at Her Farm.

1) Safe home for women and children. Some women have left abuse to seek refuge and new life here. Some women are younger and seek an education, employment and to avoid being forced into arranged marriage by families. 

2) Education for village children and youth in English, computers and agriculture. (see also our program for teaching at the school at Her Farm. If you want to live here and teach, as opposed to paint, milk the cow and so forth, choose that program)

3) A demonstration farm where new farming ideas can be tested for the community to consider.

4) The cultural hub of the community where people gather to learn, to share ideas and sometimes just to dance. 

Her Farm touches every aspect of life in this village. 

Learn all about the project you will be volunteering at right HERE 


How to be the best volunteer in Nepal ever.

| 9 October 2014

The best volunteers are Being, not Doing. Not long ago a volunteer posted on a blog about a conversation with the local school principal. In that conversation she asked what the principal thought about volunteers at the school. He replied that he was not sure since he'd never...

Mountain Volunteer Nepal

Confused about volunteer placement companies for volunteering in Nepal ? Get unconfused here.

From Our Director | 16 August 2014

I get emails all the time from people who are confused about volunteer placement companies and how we differ from them. Let's try to sort that out. Volunteer placement companies are, for the most part, sales agencies. They sell opportunities to travel to Nepal and volunteer with...

School Uniforms for Girls

How our volunteers to Nepal help fund our work

Poverty & Hunger | 14 July 2014

We've been working in Nepal for about a decade, on the ground, doing real projects like hospitals, clinics, schools and support of women and children. Income earned from supporting volunteers helps to fund these projects. Under the US IRS rules, an educational organization can...

Volunteers in Nepal setting up internet learning

Volunteers help create village learning center in rural Nepal

From Our Volunteers | 26 June 2014

The tiny village of Mankhu, home to The Mountain Fund project, "Her Farm" became home to the first internet learing center in the entire VDC and perhaps the first in the entire district, certainly in rural villages. Volunteers in Nepal helped install software, create lesson catalogs...

safe volunteering in Nepal

How safe is volunteering in Nepal?

From Our Director | 23 June 2014

The Global Peace Index (GPI) reports that Nepal is the safest place to live in South Asia after Bhutan. Nepal comes in at 76 on the index while the USA comes in at a more risky 101. 

Our Guarantee, Volunteer in Nepal.

100% Guarantee for Volunteers in Nepal

From Our Director | 4 January 2014

We are the only organization to guarantee that we will deliver what we promise or your money back. The fine print on this is simple, you have 3 days to experience Nepal with us, if you aren't happy, your program will be cancelled and money refunded. You will have to live...

Volunteer in Nepal at Her Farm

Volunteer in Nepal at Her Farm and live here

From Our Director | 24 December 2013

We've gone out of our way to make staying in rural Nepal and volunteering at Her Farm a great experience. Our new home for volunteers has comfortable sleeping room, a huge wrap-around balcony, large kitchen and dining room, two showers and two toilets. http://www.haikudeck.com/p/aLeuckYNSm/volun...

Nepal Volunteer House

Volunteer in Nepal with us and here is where you will stay in Kathmandu

From Our Director | 24 December 2013

Take a look at our home for you in Kathmandu. Come be our guest. http://www.haikudeck.com/p/mZLTGNVsux/volunteer-housing-kathmandu


Volunteering In Nepal a new resource for our volunteers

From Our Director | 14 December 2013

We are pleased to announce we've just created a new web site to help volunteers to Nepal. Volunteering in Nepal is a resource directory for those interested in volunteering in Nepal. Inside you will find tons of information about who offers volunteering in Nepal, trips and...

Everest Base Camp Trek

Volunteer in Nepal and add a trek too!

From Our Director | 7 December 2013

We are happy to announce we've added trekking in Nepal as an option for our volunteers in Nepal. Nepal is one of the world's top destinations for trekking and we now offer the Poon Hill Trek and Everest Base Camp treks. Choose your volunteer program, then as you check out you...


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